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Rewire UR Gut Course and Progam

Re-establishing your health

from the inside out

IBS, Gut Health

Have you suffered for years from gut issues but have been told that it was all in your head? Have you tried numerous diets, cleanses, magic potions, herbal supplements and any other product that gave me a  promise of getting 'healed'!

I suffered from gut issues for years which is why I developed this program. Gut health is not 'fixed' overnight and there is no magic pill but with small sustainable changes, it can happen. This program comes with a course to get you started and to help you understand your gut microbiota better plus a bag of Kfibre. 


Don't forget that you can contact us for a 15-minute free consultation if you have any questions. Click here for a free preview of the Rewire UR Gut Program.



Did you know that yoyo dieting (this includes food, shakes and other difficult to maintain diets) can be damaging to our gut community?


Through my research and clinical experience, I identified my own personal gut problems and now I can help you through yours.

This is why I developed the Rewire UR Gut Program. No more fogginess, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhoea. Find your perfect No. 2’s and become confident and empowered about your own body and health. I can help you find a new lease on life by identifying and decreasing your gut issues. 

Who is the REWIRE UR GUT Program for?

The REWIRE UR GUT Program is for those who want to re-establish the communication between their gut, their brain, and the rest of their body. Communication between your gut and your body (particularly your brain) can become disrupted or damaged because of:

  • illness,

  • unhealthy eating,

  • Yoyo dieting,

  • overuse of antibiotics and medications,

  • lack of exercise or movement, and,

  • being overweight. 


The REWIRE UR GUT Program helps you to regain your well-being, health and physical functionality by rewiring your gut.

Do you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Are you overweight or obese?

  • Have you tried diets to lose weight and nothing works?

  • Are you pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes?

  • Are you stressed and/or anxious?

  • Do you have high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol?

  • Are you a professional ‘Yoyo’ dieter who tries every new food trend?

  • Do you love ‘junk’ food?

  • Do you feel unhealthy?

If you answer yes to any or all of these then the REWIRE UR GUT Program is definitely for you. If you have been giving your body, and consequentially your gut, a hard time with various fad diets and foods that probably aren’t so good, then it’s likely that your body and your gut bugs are confused and that’s why you don’t feel ‘right’. 

The side effects of the REWIRE UR GUT Program will be a happier community of bugs in your gut and, although this program is not specifically a weight loss program, once you get your eating on track and your gut bugs in their happy space, weight loss generally follows. 

What is the program about?

First, let me tell you what the REWIRE UR GUT Program is not:

  • The REWIRE UR GUT Program is not A DIET. 


  • The REWIRE UR GUT Program does not require you to 'detox' your gut before starting; 


  • The REWIRE UR GUT Program does not want you to buy things you will never eat again;

  • The REWIRE UR GUT Program does not want you to change everything in your life at once and,

  • The REWIRE UR GUT Program has no ridiculously expensive monthly fees or memberships.

So, what does the REWIRE UR GUT Program offer?

The REWIRE UR GUT Program focuses on making small sustainable changes to your diet over time to help your gut regain its full capacity to make you the healthiest version of you.

The REWIRE UR GUT Program comes with a course to help you understand those little guys living in your gut and a packet of Kfibre to get you started. 

The REWIRE UR GUT Program helps you to get in touch with your gut bugs so that you know how to nurture them and in return, form a positive relationship with your gut and your health.

This relationship involves improving the communication between your gut bugs, your body and your brain. I will provide you with the information to empower you to take control of your own health journey as I did. 


Get great gut health and a smile back on your face. 


Gut Health, Natual, Nutrition
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