Recipes for a Healthy Gut

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Gut Feeding Pasta

For those, like me, who don't eat a lot of pasta but want to have variety. 

Gut Nut Slice.jpg

Gut nut Slice

The slice that will change your life.

Creamy prebiotic gut bug potato salad

Give your gut bugs the food they want with this potato salad. 


Easy Prebiotic Sunday Granola

Get breakfast organised for the coming week with this healthy, easy Granola. 


Japanese Ginger Meatballs

Your gut bugs will love this so will your taste buds. 

Gut Bug Green Juice

Great start for the day and your gut bugs will love it. 

Tofu Mince

Tastes like meat and easy to make.


Easy Salad Base

Saves time and feeds your gut bugs


Banana, nut and seed biscuits

Beautiful snack with lots of lovely fibre and nutrients.

meatballs-4511773_1920 (1).jpg

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

A great recipe with all the nutrients your gut needs.

Preparing Soup

Mushroom Stroganoff with Happy Gut Fried Rice. 

Add this dish to your plant-based meals this week.

Slice picture4.jpg

Chocolate Prebiotic Gut Love Slice

Have a treat with this great chocolate prebiotic slice

Crunchy Brown Rice Salad

Crunch and goodness. What else could you want in a salad?

Gut Love Nut Loaf With Miso and Tomato Sauce

Miso and nuts your gut bugs will love you more. 

Vegetarian Tortillas

Full of fibre and so easy to make for dinner.