Kfibre is a brand new prebiotic fibre that keeps your gut bugs happy. Why is it so special?

-It's low GI

-Keeps you regular

-Is allergen and gluten free

-Has antioxidants

-Kfibre is a natural 'whole of plant' prebiotic insoluble fibre

-Kfibre is an accredited FODMAP food

-Gut bugs love it so happy bugs make a healthier you!


Kfibre is made from sugarcane but it's not sweet as 95% of the sucrose is removed during production. It's the most versatile prebiotic product on the market and can be used in so many foods including milkshakes, cakes, mashed vegetables, soups, stews, pancakes, protein balls, meatballs and the list goes on. It's used to help with a number of health conditions such as GERD, acid reflux, digestive issues and functional bowel disorders (e.g. IBD and IBS).

Your gut bugs will love this stuff!


The fibre in Kfibre is incredibly dense. 1 teaspoon (1.5g) equals 80-150g of whole fruit or vegetables without the calories. The plant cell wall structure of Kfibre is highly related to other fruit and vegetable cellular material but without the levels of accompanying carbohydrate sugars or lipids that are present in most. Kfibre is so low FODMAP you could eat the whole packet (not recommended) and it would still be classed as Low FODMAP.

Kfibre prebiotic (100g bag)

  • Store Kfibre at room temperature in a sealed container once opened to avoid moisture. Read the instructions on the back of the packet for some great ideas of how to use Kfibre. 

  • There is an $8.00 flat rate for postage anywhere in Australia and $18.00 (Aust Post quote) for overseas standard postage. If you require express this will cost more so please contact us first. Please note that overseas orders can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.