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What's better, raw or cooked vegetables?

When you cook food it can improve the taste. Cooking can lose some nutrients but make others more available to your body. If you boil vegetables you can lose the water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and C.

What’s the answer?

Steaming, roasting and stir frying are the best way sot cook your veggies when you want to retain as many nutrients as possible. Cook them quickly so they are still crunchy. The longer you keep vegetables warmed after cooking the more nutrients you will lose so serve them up to eat as quickly as you can after cooking.

Try not to deep fry your vegetables as this creates free radicals you can also have trans fats in deep fried foods so steer clear from this. Not a happy food for your gut bugs either.

Cooking your vegetables such as carrot and tomato can increase the availability of antioxidants like Beta carotene and Lycopene. Broccoli ad zucchini may also increase in the antioxidant capacity when they are cooked.

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