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What cereal is best for my gut bugs?

Do you love cereal but you are not sure what to look for? The nutrition panels on any boxed foods are very important to understand so you are looking after your overall health and feeding your gut bugs at the same time. Here's the general rules to follow:

Fat: less than 10g/100g

Saturated fat: less than 3g/100g

Sugar: less than 15g/100g

Sodium: less than 120mg/100g

Fibre: as much as you can get :) but look for those cereals with more than 5g/100g

There are many other great nutrients that are often in cereal such as calcium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals but the ones above should be the major nutrients in the cereal you choose.

Why do you look at the 100g column and not the serving size column?

Serving sizes differ dramatically between brands but the 100g size doesn't.

Also, include some fruit, yoghurt or a mix of seeds if your cereal doesn’t have any. Any time you get to add more fibre do it because it’s all about nurturing your microbiota.

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