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Smarter Pasta

I am not a pasta fan but this week I saw an amazing recipe for a vegetables roll-up pasta (using lasagne sheets) recipe so I went on the hunt for the best lasagne sheets. I found these two pictured below. I initially went for the San Remo as they have a great range of high fibre pasta but I also say that it was wholemeal. This immediately said to me that it will have more fibre. Then I saw the Vetta one with twice the fibre so you can imagine my excitement. I was in a hurry so I bought both as I wanted to show you the difference. If you don’t read labels on your food please start doing it now.

The Vetta one says low GI but the San Remo one will be too as it is wholemeal. The Vetta one has 4.0g fibre/serve but the San Remo has 4.8g/serve. People wouldn’t probably choose the San Remo because it says the word wholemeal but it is the better option. The Vetta one has the same ingredients but also has 3% oat fibre which isn’t a lot. Oat fibre would be a soluble fibre but they don’t say, it could also be prebiotic but again it is difficult to say as they are very limited on what they say about the ingredients.

In the end, I would always go for the wholemeal option but as I only eat pasta probably once or twice a year it’s not something I have to debate that often. Pasta is something to watch be careful of if you are trying to lose weight as it can be stodgy and it is comfort food for those of us who are emotional eaters. Your gut bugs will love the fibre in this but be sure to stay to a small serve with heaps of salad on the side to keep your gut bugs happy.

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