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Should you eat bread?

I love bread, but it has to be great bread, not the white stuff that has no substance.

How do you choose the healthiest option?

Any bread you choose should be wholegrains as they are fabulous for your overall health. They are full of antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals. Wholegrains are little power houses that your gut microbiota will happily feed on.

Some tips to go buy when looking for the perfect loaf:

-It must say that it’s made from wholegrains. If it doesn’t say it on the packet then look at the ingredient list and the first ingredient should be wholegrains.

-Definitely more than 5g/100g of fibre.

-Less than 400mg/100g of sodium.

-No artificial preservatives, colourings etc etc. Go as natural as possible.

There are some amazing breads out there at the moment that will well and truly nurture your gut microbiota. Try something different this week

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