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Post-Christmas gut?

Did you manage to get through Christmas with your gut still intact and happy? Or were you forced to eat multiple sweets, drink copious amounts of alcohol and forced to be merry 😊? Either way you are human and whether or not overdid it over Christmas now is the time to get your gut happy again. There’s no such thing as a new years resolution as they don’t work.

How about you start now by looking after you and your gut health so that next Christmas your gut won’t be hit so hard when you are being forced to eat those 55 chocolate Santas and trifle and beers and wine.

Here are some easy things to do first:

1. Start by getting an app where you can log your food. The Easy Diet Diary is a good one:

This is the best way to keep an eye on what you are eating. This is important to make sure you are getting enough fibre. 30g/day of fibre is the goal for a healthy, happy resilient gut.

Need a reminder about fibre? Then go here

and see how great fibre is for your health and your gut.

2. Drink water-the simplest and best way to help your gut.

3. Find some exercise that you love to do, your gut loves to move.

4. Start planning your meals for the week.

5. If you can’t cook then start learning.

6. Don’t go another year with a dodgy gut. If you are having gut issues and keep putting off sorting them out then make an appointment with me to help you.

It’s time to nurture your gut and your health. I’m more than happy to have a chat with you first if you are unsure. You can email me on

Have an amazing year!

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