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Meat-free eating

I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat. Why? Because I know that having a plant-based diet is much better for me and my gut health. This week I’m making a tofu Chow Mein. Take any old Chow Mein recipe and add in tofu mince instead of minced meat. I also put in my favourite Konjac noodles instead of egg noodles because they are a brilliant prebiotic food for your gut bugs.

This meal lasts for a couple of dinners and some lunches so give it a go. So quick and easy and you can spice it up if you want. I put a bucket of vegetables in my Chow Mein e.g. carrots, cabbage, snow peas, broccoli, capsicum, peas, garlic, onion and any other vegetable that I think might be good at the time.

There are no rules as to what to put in. A great protein option is my tofu mince: and for the sauce use:

I x Tablespoon of these sauces dark and light soy and oyster sauce

1.5 x Tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine

1 x teaspoon of sesame oil (although I do get a bit heavy-handed with this so could be more)

2 x teaspoons of cornflour (but not all the time)

This is a Sue’s lazy kitchen recipe which is one of the beautiful things about this meal. You can do what you want and just taste it as you go. This sauce is easy and there are many variations. The important component here is a variety of vegetables. The more the merrier.

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