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Make your gut bugs believe that Christmas is coming!!!!

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to give your gut bugs a present. Feed them special foods all the time so they can look after you.

Grapefruit: has pectin a prebiotic that will feed your gut bugs. Pectin has anti- inflammatory properties and studies have shown that eating citrus fruit make help lower the risk of stroke. Grapefruit goes with seafood, is great in salads, brightens up a smoothie and can add some punch to your cereal.

Blueberries: have pectin also as well as the prebiotics proanthocyanidin (PAC) and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which feed a variety of your beneficial gut bugs. What can’t you use these berries in? Smoothies, cereal, snacks…..this list is endless and they are a great fruit to have any time of year.

Cranberries: have the proanthocyanidin (PAC) prebiotic also. These PACs are also antioxidants and have been shown in the research to halt the activity of those bacteria that can cause dental cavities. Dried cranberries are so easy to use in trail mixes, cooking, stuffing and just as a quick snack. Perfect for all festive times.

Bananas: Have pectin, inulin and resistant starch which are all prebiotics that feed your gut bugs. The added bonus with bananas is that they feed those bugs that produce butyrate and butyrate keeps your colon cells healthy.

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