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Look after your gut bugs at Christmas

We all have a tendency to overdo it at Christmas, so how do you look after your gut? Here are some tips:

-Try to have fibre at every meal, make ½ your plate vegetables or salad and ¼ plate meat or other protein.

-Don't forget to cook and cool your potatoes before you roast them. This will give you resistant starch which your gut bugs will love. They need a Christmas gift too :).

-Have a glass of water in between your wine, beer or other alcoholic drinks.

-Get out and move. Swimming, running after the kids (or adults), beach cricket the list is endless.

-Have some prebiotics in your Christmas meals. If you need a reminder go to

-Big family meal? Try the Mediterranean way of chatting during the meal and eating slowly to avid indigestion and create that friendly, happy environment.

-If the conversation starts to veer towards Grandma’s bad pudding or family arguments start up then start telling them about their gut health 😊. Talking about poo will take everyone’s mind off the argument and bring humour to the table.

-Be kind to yourself and everyone else at Christmas. Think of how amazing your coming year will be.

Above all else, don’t stress yourself or your gut bugs. Relax and enjoy Christmas.

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