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Like Milk……..another milk, really?

Yes, here is yet another plant-based milk that is made with pea protein. This milk has been developed because of the growing issues with those who cannot tolerate lactose. There is already a lot of plant-based milks out there but this one is a little different as anyone with IBS problems should be able to tolerate this milk.

Why is it different?

Like Milk (but not milk) as the owners label it, has been created to contain similar levels of nutrients to cow’s milk which some current plant-based milks don’t have. It has protein, calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin B2 but also a good range of essential amino acids.

Check out the table below. Like milk does taste a little different but don’t all plant-based milks? It’s also a little more expensive but it does offer more than the average plant-based milk. See what you think.

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