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Lentils, chickpeas and other issues

If you have been on the low FODMAP diet you will know that legumes and pulses such as those mentioned above can give you gut issues. If they are canned the FODMAPs, called GOS’ or galacato-oligosaccharides. Eating too many of these in a row can cause gas, bloating and just horrendous discomfort.

If you eat them in a can they will have ½ the amount of GOS’ so be sure to drain them before you eat them as this is where the FODMAPs have gone. You can have about ¼ cup usually without too many issues but everyone may be different.

Legumes have so many health benefits because they are low in saturated fat, protein and nutrient-rich, they are low GI, and of course, they have fantastic fibre in them. They also contain phytochemicals which are natural antioxidants. Antioxidants, of course, are great for your fertility due to the reduction of free radicals so in moderation, they can be great.

Although I’m a dietitian I forget sometimes but I’m quickly reminded when I have them 3 days in a row! Look what I did last week:

Saturday night: Dahl for dinner (black beans, lentils, white beans) and more than ¼ cup

Sunday: Falafels for lunch on a whole grain wrap with salad again more than ¼ cup (because I can’t help myself)

Then still feeling indestructible I thought I’d try more!

Monday: I made a phenomenal lentil salad with beetroot and rocket and again more than ¼ cup

Tuesday: It wasn’t pretty. I was so bloated and my gut was cranky because I had overdosed on legumes.

The message behind this is to have at least 3-4 days in between your lentil/bean/legume intake if you have a sensitive gut as GOS’ build up in your system. If you have no problems with these yummy guys then that’s great and I’m a bit jealous 😊. This can happen with some other FODMAPs but it depends on your gut and what you can tolerate.

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