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KFIBRE is FODMAP Friendly. Yahoo!!!

The lovely people who produce Kfibre have just had it FODMAP friendly accredited! I've always had huge success with this product for my clients and it is full of fibre which we all know is great for your gut community.

The research on Kfibre shows how dense Kfibre is as a fibre. 1 teaspoon (1.5g) equals 80-150g of whole fruit or vegetables without the calories. Incredible really!

The plant cell wall structure of Kfibre is highly related to other fruit and vegetable cellular material but without the levels of accompanying carbohydrate sugars or lipids that are present in most.

Kfibre is so low FODMAP you could eat the whole packet (not recommended) and it would still be classed as Low FODMAP.

This fibre is so versatile and you can use it in so many types of meals. I use it to coat chicken with herbs and/or spices and it's been nicknamed KFC in my house :). It's just like flour and works the same way. I use it in my veggie juice, my cereal, my curries.....the list is endless. Kfibre is full of resistant starch that isn't affected by heat and doesn't have a taste unlike some of those other prebiotic products. I love this stuff and I wouldn't put it on my website if it wasn't backed up by evidence. Give it a go and see how your gut loves it. I've kept the price as low as possible so I can share the great things that I find to improve the health of our gut communities!

Check it out here

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