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How to nurture your gut-brain connection

Your gut health and your brain are connected in many ways. If you're stressed, happy, unhappy, in love, out of love, anxious or just over it (we've all been there lately), then your gut community feels this too.

Your gut and brain are connected via the vagus nerve and many of your gut bacteria can produce products that interact with the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve communicates 24/7 and it is the super highway between your gut and your brain. It's very sensitive to everything you are going through so find some time to be kind to yourself and nurture you.

How do you look after your gut-brain axis (apart from what you eat of course :)) ?



Reading a good book?


These can all help but so can listening to some inspiring talks or podcasts. Our mental health is very important to our overall health so give yourself some time out to breathe and regather ever day.

Here's one idea. Listen to this amazing TED talk by Master Shi Heng Yi and the 5 hindrances to self-mastery.

If this isn't your thing then find another option to calm the mind and recentre yourself. Your gut will love you for it.

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