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How do you store your Vegetables?

If you are good at meal prepping (and we all should be) what’s the best way to store vegetables? If you cut your vegetables up ready for the week then leave them in large pieces. That way they can retain their nutrients.

There are some vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated like onions, garlic, corn, avocado, tomatoes, potatoes and sweet potatoes. As a general rule, try to use up all your vegetables in the fridge within a week or so as this is when they are at their best. If you have a lot left at the end of the week make a soup, fritters or breakfast hash to use them up.

It’s best to store them in a crisper but if you can’t do that then get some large containers but store fruits separately to vegetables. Ideally, to avoid plastics and packaging, it would be good to shop every day or two for fresh vegetables but that is not possible for many so do what you can to keep your food fresh and nutritious.

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