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Have you heard of Kfibre?

Kfibre is a brand new prebiotic fibre that keeps your gut bugs happy. Why is it so special?

-It's low GI

-It's a fermentable prebiotic fibre

-FODMAP friendly

-Keeps you regular

-Is allergen and gluten free

-Has antioxidants

-Can assist with digestive issues

-Kfibre is a natural 'whole of plant' prebiotic insoluble fibre

-Gut bugs love it so happy bugs make a healthier you!

Kfibre is made from sugarcane but it's not sweet as 95% of the sucrose is removed during production. It's the most versatile prebiotic product on the market and can be used in so many foods including milkshakes, cakes, mashed vegetables, soups, stews, pancakes, protein balls, meatballs and the list goes on. It's used to help with a number of health conditions such as GERD, acid reflux, digestive issues and functional bowel disorders (e.g. IBD and IBS).

Your gut bugs will love this stuff!

Kfibre is a great addition at Xmas time because you can add it to stuffing, use it in desserts, use it to coat meat, put it into dips etc etc.

Its uses are endless and you would be doing your and your family's gut a favour. Give your gut some love over Xmas. Get yours now:

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