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Give the gift of love to your gut this Christmas

We all love a good roast potato at Christmas time with a roast but there’s one thing you can do to them to make them good for your gut bugs.

Cook them the day before you want to roast them and put them in the fridge overnight to cool.


Because this creates resistant starch (a prebiotic fibre) and your gut bugs love this stuff. They will use it for energy and produce some great products that will help look after your health.

If you are having a cold meat and salad Christmas lunch then still cook the potatoes and cool them then make an extraordinary potato salad. If you add shallots, garlic, yoghurt, mustard and some pepper you will be adding more goodness and prebiotic fibres to this simple and easy to make dish.

Look for simple tasty fresh foods this Christmas and give your gut bugs the present they deserve this year.

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