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Functional Coffee?

Is this a new trend ? Nobody wants to give up their coffee even if they're trying to be healthier! We all know that there is a lot of gut issues and digestive issues today so maybe a coffee that helps with digestion and gut health at the same time is a bonus. There's tumeric coffee, chickory root coffee and many more in the RTD (ready to drink) coffee range now. In the National Coffee Association's article, Coffee at a Crossroad, they believe that consumers want:

- healthy and functional foods e.g. augmented coffee with antioxidants, protein

- sustainability beyond just the coffee bean-traceability and accountability

- more pod coffees as the younger generation don't like brewing their own

Coffee is a natural product but is it wrong to add 'functional' ingredients?

Beneo believe that functional coffee is one of the next big growth opportunities in the food industry. They believe that consumers will pay more for added health benefits in their coffee. Maybe they will. I paid $6 for a small dark hot chocolate with organic peanut butter the other day (because it sounded delicious) and didn't blink an eye. But would I pay $6 for a coffee that helps with my digestion? Would you? Probably depends how it was marketed.

I think that now we crave something different due to the growing wellness trend. We are willing to try anything that's new and promises health benefits. Look how turmeric in everything has taken off! Tur`meric shots, turmeric coffees with the promise of it's functional ingredient curcumin giving you a new leases on life. That's for another blog! Enjoy your coffee as it is for now..............

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