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Do I need a Synbiotic?

If you are trying to eat well and look after your gut then it’s important to match foods to get the full benefit from what you eat. If you eat yoghurt because of its live cultures then you may want to have some fruit with it at the same time.


It’s all about synbiotics. A synbiotic is a live bacteria and a prebiotic (gut bug food) and when you bring them together they create a Synbiotic. The live bacteria in yoghurt are protected by the matrix of the yoghurt but we still need to make sure they are fed so they will survive until they get down to your large intestine.

By eating fruit e.g. berries, grapes with plain yoghurt (not the flavoured sort) you will be creating a synbiotic which will help the bacteria in the yoghurt survive that hectic journey through your digestive system.

Fruits like berries have polyphenols and are considered to be a functional food because polyphenols are antioxidants. Research has shown that having a diet high in polyphenols can help to decrease inflammation, reduce weight gain, and improve metabolic parameters.

The secret to a happy diverse gut is to eat a variety whole foods but mostly plant-based foods. If you have a plain boring diet then try something different this week and make your gut happy.

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