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Dates or Prunes?

Whenever I decide to do a sweet treat I have to choose between dates or prunes and I often go for dates. But since having a closer look I’m being persuaded to go for prunes. Here’s why.


-Come from the date palm so is essentially its own fruit.

-Can buy fresh or dried.

-Sweet chewy and high in fibre.

-High in calories/kilojoules because they have high levels of sugars (glucose, sucrose, and fructose).

I cup of dates = ~27 teaspoons of sugar.

-Sweeter than prunes because of their sugar content.

Image from Pixabay:


-They are dried plums.

-Can only buy dried or canned.

-Sweet chewy and high in fibre.

-Lower in calories/kilojoules than dates.

-1 cup of prunes = 16 teaspoons of sugar.

-Are higher in minerals and antioxidants.

-Are not as sweet as dates.

Studies have also shown that consumption of prunes can help with osteoporosis because of their antioxidant properties and can improve cardiovascular health. This is with a side plate of healthy diet and exercise of course. Fibre, as you know, is an amazing nutrient and can work in a number of amazing ways to help with our health. Get some prunes in your day and see what you think.

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