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Chocolate or Alcohol?

It’s that time of year to try to be aware of how much you drink. We are all guilty of having one too many but spreading out your alcohol intake by having a drink of water in between each drink will save you the next morning. Stand out in the crowd and start a new trend.

If you’d rather eat chocolate than drink alcohol here’s a breakdown of what those bite size little chocolate santas equal in comparison to some favourite drinks.

Cadbury Mini Chocolate Santa (15g) = 335 Kj or 80 Calories

1 x full strength beer (350ml) = 648 Kj (155 Cal) = almost 2 Mini Chocolate Santas

1 x glass of red wine (150ml) = 518 Kj (124 Cal) = about 1.5 Mini Chocolate Santas

1 x glass of white wine (150ml) = 504 Kj (121 Cal) = about Mini Chocolate Santas

1 x apple cider (330ml) = 870 Kj (208 Cal) = more than 2.5 Mini Chocolate Santas

Imagine if you had a 6 pack of beer on Christmas day. That would be the same as eating 12 Santas……….Would you eat 12 santas? I know I might be a bit obsessed about what I eat but I like to know what I’m putting in my body. Here’s what is in beer versus our chocolate Santa.

1 x Cadbury Mini Chocolate Santa (15g) has in it:

12g Protein

4.3 g Fat (2.7g is saturated fat)

9g of sugars

10mg sodium

Beer has:

0.6g Protein

No fat

4g of sugars

14mg sodium

When it comes to deciding how much to eat, and what to eat, go slow on those things that aren't great for your gut. Those little guys in your gut deserve a great Christmas too :).

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