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Ayurveda and alternative therapies

There's so many alternative therapies out there and many are steeped in tradition such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda healing. Alternative therapies are called therapies until they have been extensively experimented on and shown to have a significant and scientific impact. Once this goal has been reached they are then called medicine. Alternative therapies work for some people and not others but is it just a state of mind or do they really work? It's all down to the individual active ingredient and how concentrated they are in some cases. A few popular ones that clients have told me about lately include oregano for thrush (instant fix after 6 months of conventional treatment), clay (not sure what was in it) to extract toxins from the skin due to some allergic reaction and slippery elm for reflux. All of these can be found in the literature to some extent but the robustness of the evidence isn't strong enough to convince everyone yet. Your gut bugs prefer the more natural approach but today everyone is after a quick fix and a cheap alternative so conventional medicine is often what they turn to.

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