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Are your gut and your brain chatting to each other?

We all know that our gut and our brain are connected by the Vagus nerve and this bidirectional communication is active 24/7 but how do you know if you gut microbiota are chatty enough? It's hard to tell really, as there are many conditions that are linked to the gut brain axis (GBA) dysfunction. Everyday depression, anxiety and stress can affect this communication so we probably all have some GBA interruptions from time to time.

The best thing we can do is to look after our gut microbiota and feed the little bugs what they need to look after us. That means getting rid of any ultra-processed foods, only have wholefoods, avoiding takeaways, don't overindulge in alcohol, don't smoke, have at least 30g/fibre in your day every day, drinking plenty of wanted and of course exercise. You whole body depends on your gut and how well you nurture your gut microbiota.


Liu, L., Huh, J. R. & Shah, K. Microbiota and the gut-brain-axis: Implications for new therapeutic design in the CNS. eBioMedicine 77, 103908, doi: (2022).

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