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Are you stuck for lunch ideas?

I'm always on the lookout for ideas for my clients for lunches and snacks that are gut-friendly. This week I've found the Edgell baby tins of chick peas and kidney beans and Macros falafel mix. These are both great additions to a salad for lunch and they have prebiotic fibre in them that can help build the diversity of your gut community.

The Edgell chick peas have about 5g protein, 3g of fibre and are convenient. I wish they were a little lower in salt but you can't win them all. You could make your own version of these if you have time to soak your own chic peas or use a can and add your own spices or herbs. Don't forget that if you have FODMAP problems, legumes in a can have less FODMAPs than those you soak yourself.

If you are trying to add more fibre to your diet then this is an easy way. These really fill you up because of the protein and fibre in them but if you had them to a fresh salad for lunch you wouldn't be hungry until late afternoon. Give them a go and see what you think.

If you are Falafely challenged like me then try this falafel mix by Macro. I call them the falafel mix for those who are falafely challenged because they even work for me.

Check out the ingredients and the nutrition panel. Not bad for a packaged falafel mix. Still a bit high in salt but this is to be expected with packaged foods.

Fibre is 6.3g/25g which is very good and again plenty of good gut-friendly ingredients. If they work for me then they'll work for you too. Great for lunches, dinner or a snack with coffee with siracha on them (maybe that's just me). Any way you want to do them they're no bad if you are time poor and falafely challenged like me. Enjoy!

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