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Are you getting enough leafy greens?

Most of us don’t so I’m going to tell you about one of my favourites. Silverbeet! Sounds scary I know but it is beautiful if you do it right. Silverbeet, also known as Swiss or spinach chard, comes in a few different colours. Mostly green leaves but the stalks can be yellow, red, green or multicoloured.

Coloured Silverbeet

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Here are some nutritional facts:

-Silverbeet is full of phytonutrients which are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Phytonutrients may also improve the immune system if eaten regularly and of course, they have plenty of fibre to keep your gut happy.

-Silverbeet is very low in calories so eat up. There are about 80 Kj/100 g fresh, raw leaves.

-SIlverbeet contains vitamins A, C, B6 and K.

- Silverbeet contains riboflavin, folate and potassium (can help regulate your blood pressure) and manganese (helps regulate brain and nerve function).

-Silverbeet is a fibre so it will fill you up as well and can help you lose weight whilst providing numerous nutritional benefits.

I cut the whole leaf up, wilt it down in a steamer, then put it in a bowl with some sour cream or crème fraiche, garlic (cooked if you want) lemon juice and lemon rind. I serve it as a side dish with walnuts and sometimes some feta on top. You can also steam it with some other greens like peas, broccoli or beans and do the same thing.

Otherwise, you can fry up a little garlic and onion, add the silverbeet until it wilts, then add some lemon rind and lemon juice and don’t add the sour crème or crème fraiche. Beautiful and so easy to make.

Don't forget, eating as many coloured vegetables as you can is the best option for optimal gut health.