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Are you getting enough Insoluble Fibre?

What is insoluble fibre you ask?

Think of a piece of celery in a glass of water. It won’t dissolve so it is insoluble. Insoluble fibre is the tough part of plants and fruit, whole grains and nuts. We used to think that our gut bugs didn’t ferment this type of fibre but now we know differently.

The beautiful thing about insoluble fibre is that it hides or carries other nutrients like antioxidants down to your large intestine where they are released through the fermentation process by your amazing gut bugs.

Insoluble fibre provides a protective measure for those nutrients that are essential to your overall health as well as being a great fibre to keep you regular. Having more insoluble fibre in your diet is a great habit to get into as it helps to grow and maintain a healthy, happy and communicative gut community.

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