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What are antinutrients?

Antinutrients are things like phytates, tannins, lectins, protease inhibitors calcium oxalate etc and they are found in plants. They are called anitnutrients as they can have a detrimental impact on some of our enzyme activity and can reduce the bioacessibility and bioavailability of some minerals amongst others.

Through processes like sprouting and fermenting we can reduce the effect of these antinutrients and while at the same time reap the functional benefits of these foods.

We already know that fermented foods are amazing and much more nutrient dense than their raw forms but they also enhance the flavour of the food, decrease FODMAPs and reduce the antinutrients. This is why the functional properties of some foods are actually increased during the fermentation process.

A new hobby perhaps? Why not try to make your own fermented foods. Well worth the effort and so good for you.

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