top of page the gut involved and what can we do?

ADHD has been recognised more lately and there's now an explanation for those who have felt different their entire lives. I hear stories from adults who say that they grew up getting into trouble at school all the time because they had no attention span and were called naughty all the time. Now, this attention deficit is well recognised as part of ADHD and those children with ADHD are often more creative and need some outlet to help them develop their skills in a different way.

What's the gut got to do with ADHD? The gut community of someone with ADHD can be very different to someone without ADHD. There is often dysbiosis, and low gut diversity which alters the gut microbial community causing miscommunication and Gut Brain Axis (GBA) issues. You already know that our lovely bacteria produce certain products that can help us and maintain the GBA. With ADHD we can feed certain bacteria particular prebiotics to try to improve the behaviours of those with ADHD. The process for this is different for everyone but already I have seen some positive changes with some of my clients. Nurturing the gut community can have positive changes for everyone.

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