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Roasted Eggplants

Reading food labels

Food labels can be very confusing when you are trying to choose the best food options for you and your family.  Here's a quick guide


Calcium for non-dairy eaters

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Not sure if you are getting enough calcium? Have a look at our guide on calcium sources for those who can't eat dairy. 


Protein and vegan and vegetarian diets

Are you getting enough of the right sort of protein? Not sure? Download what you need to know about protein here.


Pre, Pro, syn

biotics and fermented foods.

Understand what pre and probiotics are and how they affect your gut. 


Reflux Help

See what reflux medication does to your gut community and how you can reduce your intake. 


Do you a need to diet to lose weight?

Weight loss can be different for everyone but it's important to maintain a healthy gut if you are trying to lose weight. Have a read of our weight loss resource and see how we do it.

Stalks of Wheat


Why do we need wholegrains and why are they important? Read all about it here. 



Learn all about fibre and what foods have the fibre you need to maintain a healthy gut. 


Your Microbiota

Find out more about your gut and who is in there and why your gut matters to your overall health. 

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