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This book is about you and your gut. It’s about the wonderful microorganisms that live in your gut and work tirelessly to keep you healthy. It’s also about what happens when these ‘bugs’ turn bad and how they can cause disease. But, it’s also about the future of things to come for these ‘little guys’ and how we might be able to live a healthier life if we try to understand them better; become more intimate with them. We, like many other researchers, believe that having the right balance within your microbiota can protect you from disease and provide you with a prolonged and healthy life. Finally, but first and foremost, this book was written for you, so you can lead your own individual research and become better informed about gut health, and how understanding the intricacies of the microorganisms that reside in your gut can help you achieve greater health and wellbeing. So, let us begin this journey.

by Dr Sue Read and Dr Steve Myers

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When Good Bugs Go Bad


The gut can be complicated, but this book will simplify it for you. Gut health is very “sexy” now, and unfortunately, misinformation around gut health is very common. We wrote this book to give you evidence-based knowledge to help dispel the many myths and misinformation in this area. We are extremely concerned about the many programs and ‘quick fixes’ that are on offer to fix gut issues. Words thrown around in popular media like detox, colonics, coffee enemas and ‘bad bacteria, for example, are detrimental to understanding gut health. More concerning is that the majority of information related to gut health in the media is mostly from people who have never worked with microorganisms or research of any kind, so it is very difficult to see how they can substantiate their claims about ‘gut’ fixes.
This book will help you understand the microorganisms that live in your gut and why they don’t like or react well to, colonics, detoxes, and various other snake oil options. Obtaining a healthy gut is quite simple and comes back to food basics that you will already be familiar with. However, obtaining better gut health is not an overnight fix, but it can be a permanent fix if you take the time to read and understand this book. To help you do this, we’ve put this knowledge and information into an easily accessible guide to empower you to look after your own gut health. 

by Dr Sue Read and Dr Steve Myers

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